Which Way Blacks?

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Black Africa hand

Often times, when two individuals are randomly picked from a population – one black and another white – the white person is normally considered above the black. But if you dared delve a little into their background, the black person might be better off than the white… Yes!

So, why is the bias at first sight existing? Why is it the general opinion that a light-skinned individual will always be superior to their dark-skinned counterpart? Well, I used to have similar sentiments sometimes back (precisely, a few minutes ago!). “So what has changed?” You may begin to ask. My answer, I have been convinced beyond doubts to agree that Blacks are inferior to the Whites.

To explain myself, I will begin by stating that, I should not be misunderstood in the context of being ambiguous for generalization. Mark you, I did not say all! What triggered such controversial thought are the conditions back in our continent. Look at what is constantly happening here in Africa, the very place considered as home to every black person in the world. Perennial famine, malnutrition diseases, high mortality rates, low life expectancy, population pressure, housing problems, illiteracy/ignorance, poverty, civil unrest, and the list is endless.

It has become a default, that in any adversity (social, economic, political or any other factor you could think of), Africa leads by the tyranny of numbers. Do not mention about the Eastern nations; my argument was about the Blacks vis-a-vis the Whites, and not the Greens, Reds or whatever. Years have piled into decades, centuries, and millennia; and Africans are yet to improve their standards of living. It is true that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but, will you ever get to your destination when you make one step forward and later two steps to the back?

Poverty will always remain to be the greatest concern in the vast continent of Africa, and it should have been declared a continental disaster a long time ago. It conspicuously stands out as the number one threat to the successive development of any nation. Yet, it is continually being passed down from one generation to another at a terrific rate.

International Summits occasionally held by the various International Bodies and Organizations have over the years labelled the issue of poverty as a major crisis, in their intense sessions. Hitherto, a lot still requires to be done. The strategic implementation of the proposals addressing matters poverty should be treated with urgency, and done with much concern and boldness that it deserves. Raise the living condition of the population and you will have accomplished a massive task of changing lives!

For the Black population to have that full confidence and put a stop to instances of racial prejudice, which has ever been to our disadvantage, we ought to not only put a fresh paint to cover that old grotesque portrait that has tarnished our reputation in the greater world population, but to rip it down and put up a better more admirable image.

By: Reinhardt Esq.
E-Mail: tenaciousinsider2@gmail.com

Photo Caption: vampcat.wikia.com



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