We Ought To Cherish Our Diversity

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The Power of Freewill
The Power of Freewill

Diversity is a blessing, it is not a curse. Every living soul was designed with, and for, a purpose. We were all divinely created for good. No one was brought to this world for evil. How we embrace our diverse origins determines our destiny. If we view our differences as a curse, the worst is where we are headed to. Once we start seeing each other as compliments, and not supplements, we shall reap in abundance from our rich backgrounds.

Not one person – or a given group people, a community or a population – is complete on its own: we all depend on one another. Because what one was given, the other is short of. We are entirely interdependent, and not independent entities. For instance, if I have the hammer and you have the nails, the outcome of our possessions solely depends on how we shall relate to each other. When I see you as my compliment, you shall bring your nails as I come with my hammer, and together we shall construct the bridge. Conversely, if I saw you as my enemy, whatever is in our hands shall turn to be tools of war. You will use your nail to tear my flesh, and in the like manner, I shall use my hammer to hit your head! Our tools for construction become weapons for destruction.

All the ethnic clashes and tribal wrangles that we constantly experience, are all the results of our not being able to utilize positively, the different communities and tribes that make up our dear nation – Kenya. The huge numbers of the different communities that we have, depicts just how blessed we are as a country. It is my humble plea that we all take a bold about-turn and start living together as one big family.

For in thus doing: We shall instill in our hearts our founding father’s (Jomo Kenyatta) spirit, enshrined in our National Motto ‘HARAMBEE’;

We shall prosper in the Nyayo Philosophy of ‘PEACE, LOVE and UNITY’; then,

We shall call on the “God of all creations” to “bless this our Land and Nation”, and,

He shall hear us and answer our prayers with the “plenty” that shall “be found within our borders”.

May God bless us, may He bless Kenya!

By: Reinhardt Esq.
E-mail: tenaciousinsider2@gmail.com

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