Kissing: Can’t Get Enough of It!

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‘Happiness is like a kiss — it feels best when you give it to someone else.’

Author Unknown.

‘Never a lip curved with pain? That can’t be kissed into smile again (?)’



Kissing can be defined as the act of touching with the lips, especially as a mark of affection or greeting.

Kissing relieves stress and releases epinephrine into the bloodstream. This is achieved through the amplification of your ‘feel good’ hormones (serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin — considered to be nature’s antidepressant) making you happy.

A kiss is a pain reliever. It can actually give relief from cramps and also headaches. Dr. Varnado explains, “Kissing releases natural chemicals in the body called endorphins, which can be more powerful than morphine to relieve pain.’ So when you feel that pain in your lower abdomen, or your head feels like an overworked trailer-engine, it’s time you tried this small trick!

A powerful kiss boosts your immune system and helps in disease prevention. Several philematologists have written a lot about this amazing wonder of kissing…

In his article ‘8 Amazing health benefits of kissing your loved ones’ (20, Jan 2014)  Dr. Mercola writes: (it) boost(s) immune and reduce(s) allergic responses in people with skin or nasal allergies.

A lead researcher, Remco Kort, says, “Its healthy to kiss. If you look at it from the perspective of diversity, you’re exposed to many bacteria, and this major exposure will increase your resistance.”

“Swapping spit means swapping germs, and that is nature’s natural form of vaccination.” says Dr. Varnado, “Being exposed to other’s germs causes your body make antibodies against those germs, which can in turn lead to immunity and prevent illness.” Sounds kinda weird, isn’t it?

But, there is no need to panic from this exchange of germs, for,  the Victorian Department of Health explains that, the risk of disease from kissing is small. Most illnesses commonly caught by kissing, such as a cold, have a minimal impact on health.

Kissing also helps fight cavities. When you engage in the act, you produce lots of saliva amounts in your mouth. “That extra saliva washes bacteria off your teeth, which can help break down oral plague.” Matthew Messina, DDS, private practice dentist at FairviewPark, Ohio. Although, this should not be an excuse for forgoing to brush your teeth. Dental hygiene must be observed.

Just like the previously posted, kissing is also good for the heart. It boosts blood pump and pulse which can help reduce LDL cholesterol in blood. Blood pressure drops and the blood vessels dilate; enhancing blood-flow into tissues, and also protecting the heart against the related health problems.

“As the heart beats faster, it releases adrenalin and other neurotransmitters in the blood. The boost in adrenaline increases your metabolism and helps you burn extra calories.” Dr. Varnado. This means that kissing can actually help you shed off some extra weight!

Bryant Stamford, PhD, a professor and director of Health Promotion Center in the University of Lousville confirms this when he says, “During a really, really passionate kiss, you might burn 2 calories a minute — double your metabolic rate.”


So if you are thinking of shedding off that extra pound, but is too lazy for a workout schedule, get a thorough kiss from your loved one!

Furthermore, kissing can extend that youthful look in you for longer. Really? Andrea Demirjian, author of ‘Kissing: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about One of Life’s Sweetest Pleasures’ says that, “Your mouth has a number of facial muscles. When those are engaged in kissing, you can tighten and tone them.”

Dr. Ava Cadell, a sex therapist and author, agrees by saying that, “Kissing can give you a facelift. We use over thirty facial muscles while kissing, which helps to keep muscles smooth and tight and prevents your cheeks from sagging.”

Form that cohesive bond between you and your partner, as you kiss your way to Health and Happiness.

‘Kissing keeps us younger, more attractive and makes our heart sing.’

Susie Pearl, author “Instructions for Happiness and Success.”

‘It seems that you already have all the tools and chemicals necessary to improve your health, feel better and manage stress…. right inside your own body. And all you need to do is plant a few kisses first!’

Rachel Khona, “The Health Benefits of Kissing.”

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    sonniq said:
    February 28, 2015 at 22:19

    I think I need to do more kissing! Also, I tried to get into the latest post and it said it was password protected so i coudn’t read it.


    Reinhardt responded:
    February 28, 2015 at 22:37

    Mhhh! Go ahead and kiss 🙂 🙂 !!! To the protected posts, they are still under construction.. I didn’t want to give out the cake half baked 🙂


    sonniq said:
    March 1, 2015 at 05:26

    I will also leave you with this post as well, I write music. Everything is improvisational. This is the only one on this website, but my other one http://mynameisjamie has quite a few more. This post tells you more about who I am and my son and his family, who are also little musicians. My son, as well, is awesome. I’ll put up a clip too ,real soon. he plays boogie woogie mostly. On jamies website there is a page, where it says ‘menu’ and the is a link called ‘piano music links’. since these were recorded I have a much better system to record and I have piece, played ‘blindfolded pain’ at all this just gives you a little bit more about me, as read more about you.


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