The Art of Prayer

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One night as I was sleeping, with my earphones still stuffed in my ears, suddenly I aroused from my slumbers to find the FM station I had been listening to still on.

I like listening to the native English speakers, something about their accent! This one was a preacher; so I keenly pay my undivided attention to his words. He was preaching about prayer, and I was lucky enough that he had not gone too far — call it divine purpose!

The preacher (I had missed his names) was from the Three Angels Broadcasting Network and the program was being aired from one of the local radio station.

I had the privilege of noting down a few highlights from that midnight lecture in my handset’s notepad, thanks to the modern technology!

Later on, an urge to share this to all those who missed the opportunity of listening to such powerful words erupted in me. A feeling of selfishness, for not sharing the word, accelerated the yearning to spread the message to the world.

With support and guidance from the Holy Spirit, I embanked into research to mine more on the topic. This led ultimately, to the production of this handbook. I am still looking forward to put it in print, and I know God shall open ways to fulfill this mission….

I hope you shall find this helpful, and I pray that it be a blessing to your life. And may the grace of our Lord be with us now, and forever more. AMEN!

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