The Mystery of Dreams

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Reinhardt Imonds Esq. 25 February, 2015.


You always have dreams, don’t you? Everyone does. Ever since we were born, we have had dreams; throughout our life, we dream and it never ceases even when we ultimately die. For when we transpire to death, we naturally transit into an endless kind of dream — a dream that only the Creator know its Omega. We have different dreams, which tend to couple with ambitions. Some are good, others down-rightly evil. They can either be for the benefit of the population at large, or solely egocentric. Millions of millions of unique dreams pass each single day; a minute fraction beating the odds of time, sprouting to life, as the bulky remainder end up into the deep seas, never to be fulfilled. But that does not halt the trend, we still dream! Dreaming… dreaming… and dreaming….

Dreaming takes many forms: it happens any time, day or night — place not much a great deal, just anywhere and everywhere! Much of our dreaming results from sleep; but at some instances, we dream while awake, after either a mind-bogging or a thought-filled session. We say we dream when our thoughts are drifted into a kind of super-world, an ideal world of imaginations. We visualize things above our own world. Some may be desirable while others, unpleasantly horrendous ordeals that you would wish to forget about the very minute your mind visualize them. But, have you ever taken the risk of asking yourself why we dream? Yes, why do we dream? It cannot be in vain.

Most probably there is a strong reason for it. There are as much explanations to our dreaming as you may think of. Take a moment…. Can you think of any? Bravo! I know you have thought of three, right now! That shall make our topic for another day…  but for now, I shall not lift my pen off this script ere mentioning but a few examples of how positive dreams can change our entire lives (if they happen to survive the test of time). Let us take a glimpse…

Many a great leader once had a dream in their lifetime. Martin Luther King Junior (for instance) still inspires the hearts and minds of many, by that powerful speech he gave of his dream for his beloved nation, the United States of America. Even at his rest, his dreams still live with us. “I have a dream…” he went on and on, presenting his dream in audible words — that could ring through your head in sweet melodies, and permanently stick to your heart like glue. Several decades down the line — one fine evening, as the entire world stood still in utter awe — the first black president in American history ascended to power — his dreams dawned! His dream, came true. It had survived the test of time. The current powerful man on earth, the incumbent Barrack Obama, was also a great dreamer. He instilled his dreams to his fellow countrymen and women (both young and old; rich and the poor; white and black) into believing with one accord that they can achieve what they dream about if they believed, in a simple three-worded-statement: YES WE CAN! The outcome… an impeccable fulfillment of both the current and dreams of their forefathers!

Last but not least, you will agree with me that most of the break-through in the world of invention started as weird imaginations! But here we are, enjoying the ultimate benefits of the makings of some crazy individuals who were brave enough to take a step further into transforming their unreal into reality.

So, what are you doing to ensure that that dream you have never goes unfulfilled? Do not say that you do not know where to start from, God started it out for you, He gave you the ability to dream! And as Joyce Meyer puts it: The greatest mistake you can make is to be continuously afraid that you will make one! Who knows? You could be the next Bill Gates or Ben Carson! Always, and always, remember, “No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid!” said Lupita Nyong’o.

Have a ‘dreamy’ moment, will you?


2 thoughts on “The Mystery of Dreams

    arnold said:
    February 26, 2015 at 12:14

    that’s so inspiring

    Liked by 1 person

    Reinhardt responded:
    February 26, 2015 at 13:33

    thanx for the comment! @arnold


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